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Letter bomb explodes at IMF’s Paris office

A letter bomb has exploded at IMF’s (International Monetary Fund) office in Paris. Paris based sources have revealed that the letter bomb was addressed to a senior IMF official, who was injured in the explosion. When the senior IMF official opened the letter, it exploded instantly, burning her face and hands. Preliminary investigations reveal that the explosive used was the same as used in commonly available fireworks. It was packed in such a way that it would explode as soon as someone opened the letter. The explosive device is said to be a cylinder packed with explosives. The explosion was quite intense, as shrapnel could be seen embedded in the room’s ceiling.

According to experts, the explosive was more like a big firecracker rather than the standard bombs used by terrorists. Soon after the letter bomb exploded, the entire building was evacuated as a precautionary measure. The bomb disposal squad reached the spot and is conducting a thorough search to ensure that there are no more similar bombs in the building. The forensics team has also reached the site of the blast and is collecting evidence from the spot. IMF officials said that they have been receiving threats in recent times. Meanwhile, Synomosia Pyrinon Tis Fotias (Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei), a left-wing extremist group, has claimed responsibility for the letter bomb.

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