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Life sentence to China’s former Statistics Chief

Wang Baoan, China’s former Statistics Chief has been convicted on corruption charges and sentenced to life imprisonment. The judgment was given by a court in the city of Zhangjiakou. The court found Wang Baoan guilty of corruption, as it has now been established that he had illegally accepted bribe amounting to 153 million Yuan ($22.5 million) in cash and other valuables. Wang Baoan’s conviction and life imprisonment is the latest action to be taken in the war against corruption launched by China’s President Xi Jinping. Xi has acknowledged that corruption has become so ingrained in the Chinese society that it might even impact the ruling Communist Party’s grip on power. Keeping this in mind, Xi has launched a nationwide campaign to root out corruption from the country.

Wang Baoan had confessed to his involvement in taking bribes, which he took between the period 1994 and 2016. Wang had served as the deputy finance minister from 2012 till April 2015, after which he was appointed as the chief of statistics bureau.

Meanwhile, in another similar case, a former vice governor of the highly populated Sichuan province has been sentenced to 10 years jail by a court in the southwestern city of Liupanshui. The court found Li Chengyun guilty of taking bribes worth 6.36 million Yuan ($933,250) and sentenced him to 10 years in jail.

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