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life hover newspatrollingFor making the majority aware of what they require in the time of need. Their is a much needed patient transport services provider in a country like India where lack of emergency medical services makes it worse.The App is constructed for a country that has never had a structural system for dealing with medical emergencies.

A reliable ambulance calling App, which empowers its users with a precise provision of the ambulance is the need of the Hour. It is distinctly designed for patient transport, basic life support (BLS), Advance life support (ALS) and Mortuary ambulances. We have India’s first Ambulance on-demand service provider. They have tied up with 30 Major Ambulance provider and aggregate of more than 90 Ambulance service in all over Delhi/NCR.This application is India’s First GPS- based technology platform it also comprises features such as one-touch access to medical emergency services, advance booking ambulance, Tips & First Aid Information also available. It is also India’s first Air ambulance service provider.

upgraded & digitalized traditional channels that were used to seek help the technology platform is built to connect the customers and the ambulance drivers directly with each other in the time of need we strive to provide high quality ,clean ambulance at competitive prices within minutes ,assisting the everyday heroes to reach patients faster with the help of easy and simple format . LifeHover believes that ambulance should be able to help you when it matters “ said co-Founder Pranav Bajaj.

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