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List of Auction Items That Sells Well


Live auctions, online auctions, silent auctions. There are certain items that are almost guaranteed to get a large number of bids no matter what kind of auctions, they are showcased in. These popular items range from rare collectibles, once in a lifetime experiences, and gift baskets full of a number of fun surprises. Here is a list of auction items that sell well.

  • Collector’s Items

Collector’s items are popular because they are hard to find. This could be because the manufacturers only created a limited amount, or it could be signed by a popular personality. Bidders do not pass up the opportunity to bid on an item that would make them part of an exclusive club of owners. 

Signed memorabilia are auction items that sell for a high amount. Some of these items were personally owned by global icons who have passed away. These have sentimental value to individuals who are fans of these celebrities. This also goes for classic cars that have stopped being manufactured. Car enthusiasts look through auctions in search of their dream vintage vehicle.

Another popular auction bids are items that are “limited edition” or are only manufactured in small amounts. These are rare items such as first edition comic books, special edition figures, or specialty trading cards.

  • Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are especially popular in silent auctions. These can be baskets specially made to include delicious sweet treats or can be a unique experience when it is filled with high end products. These gift baskets can vary depending on the preference of the basket maker. Keep your eyes peeled for gift baskets as they can offer a fun surprise!

One popular kind of gift basket are those with edible contents. This can be full of cookies, snacks, or even beverages. It can be made purely of one type of food, or it can be mixed and matched to satisfy all kinds of cravings.

If an auction date falls near a holiday, there could be holiday themed gift baskets made for the occasion. These could be a Valentine’s Day gift basket filled with heart shaped chocolates, teddy bears, and a bottle of champagne. Or it could be a Christmas themed gift basket with gingerbread cookies, eggnog, and a Christmas tree ornament.

  • Travel Package

Another best seller in auctions are travel packages. These can include payment of the travel fee, accommodations, and pre-planned activities in the area. Bidders enjoy this kind of package as the location can vary depending on the offer. You could be brought to a beautiful local beach or to an international trip to a whole different continent.

Local travel packages can bring people to a luxury beach resort in one of the popular Philippine island getaways. Along with the plane ticket, you can win accommodations at hotels in Boracay, Palawan, and La Union. These resorts come with crystal clear water and white sand beaches. You could even enjoy some water sports such as kayaking or jet skiing at these resorts.

International Travel Packages are a whole other ball game. You could be brought to countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. These kinds of packages can include tours of historical places around the city scape. Make sure to do some research on the location before you come to the area to prepare for your adventure.

  • Once in a Lifetime Experiences

Once in a lifetime experiences receive high bids because everyone is looking for a new and unique experience. There are activities you could win that would make a fantastic story to tell to your friends and family. These are kinds of events that will only specifically be for you.

One such experience is the chance to win a whole day with a celebrity. These kinds of trips are usually planned down to the last detail in order for you to have the best experience with this famous personality. You could eat at their home, hang out at their favorite spot, and even visit an amusement park.

Another unique experience is the ability to make your own dish at a high end restaurant. You could collaborate with a renowned chef to create a new gastronomic experience for the restaurant’s customers.

  • Lessons

Lessons are another example of a special auction item. These can be taught to you by professionals in the specified field. You could be taught a sport by a professional player or even be given lessons on an instrument by a well-known musician.

You could win the bid for a football lesson with a professional player from a winning team. These can give you the chance to meet your sports idols and learn the secrets to their tricks.

Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, an auction can be a place to find items and opportunities that cannot be easily found anywhere else. Try and experience what different kinds of auctions can offer. If you are looking for a popular item, do your research well and see the different bids being offered at auctions all around the country.



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