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List of tax defaulters made public by Income Tax department

As part of its strategy to name and shame tax defaulters, the Income Tax department today made public the list of 29 defaulters. The 29 entries in the list contain both individuals and companies. Collectively, they owe Rs 448.02 crore in taxes; income tax in case of individuals and corporate tax for companies. The names were published today in most of the leading newspapers. The full page notice also asks the defaulters to pay their taxes immediately. It may be recalled that a similar exercise was conducted earlier also, in which, names of 67 entities were made public. These were either untraceable or had shown that they do not have any assets for recovery.

The purpose of the exercise is also to inform the people at large so that they may act cautiously when dealing with such people. The list provides details about defaulters such as last known address, PAN number, tax details, etc. The notice also says, “The entries in the list are specific to the tax arrears and assessment year mentioned. The tax defaulter’s address, business, shareholding and management may have changed.”

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