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‘Litchi causing deaths’ report rejected by NRCL

Scientists working at the National Research Center on Litchi (NRCL), Muzaffarpur, have rejected the research report and media stories that had claimed that litchi consumption was causing a mysterious disease among children and resulting in their death. The report was based on a joint research conducted by the US Centre for disease control and prevention and India’s National Centre for disease control.


In the study, certain tests were carried out on sick children in Muzaffarpur and a comparison was made with the results of tests done on healthy children. The study had concluded that children consuming litchi on an empty stomach and later skipping dinner, may have developed “night-time hypoglycemia”. The study further stated that certain chemicals in litchi prevent the body from harnessing stored fat as energy, which is exactly why these children were falling ill and dyeing.

However, now NRCL scientists have rejected the study and its claims by saying that the research was inconclusive and contradictory in nature. The center is currently drafting a reply and would send the same to all researchers involved in the earlier study. NRCL scientists claim that research data has been represented in a wrong manner, and has been done to suit one’s own perceptions and thinking. They said that the sample size of the study was too small to derive a conclusive cause of the deaths.

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