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Litti-Chokha… the earthy taste of Bihar

You all must have heard of how fond Biharis are of litti-choka. And now, it is becoming famous in nearby states of Bihar as well, due to its growing fondness and yummy taste.

I myself being a Bihari want to share the recipe of this ‘earthy’ dish. Not only it tastes amazing, but you will also equally enjoy making it.

These are perfect for those chilly winter nights. Complement it with some chicken curry (for non-vegetarians), chokha (for vegetarians), cocktails and your best of friends (:

litti chokhaIngredients:

Wheat flour, roasted gram flour, finely chopped onions, finely chopped garlic-ginger, finely chopped green chillies, salt, black pepper, mustard oil, ghee


  1. Knead the dough and make equal-sized balls
  2. Prepare the filling:
    Take roasted gram flour in a big size bowl. Add finely chopped onions, finely chopped garlic-ginger, finely chopped green chillies, salt and black pepper. In the end, moisten it with mustard oil
  3. Fill the mixture on dough balls and keep aside for some time
  4. Prepare a bonfire or a barbecue
  5. Roast the littis till they are done. Make sure that the heat is moderate, so that it gets cooked till the core
  6. After the litti is roasted, dip them in generous amount of ghee
  7. Serve hot with chicken curry or chokha*

*For chokha: Mix mashed potatoes, roasted and peeled brinjal, chopped onions, green chillies, tomatoes, ginger-garlic, mustard oil, black pepper and salt according to taste

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