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Little monsters and angels come alive as school celebrates Halloween

Photo 1Bangalore: November 01, 2014: Canadian International School celebrated Halloween at its campus which brought together the entire student body, the parents, and staff. Witches, warlocks, monsters and superheroes came to life on the premises of Canadian International School. For those who were wondering why the children were trotting around in these curious costumes, the answer is a little-known festival to Indians – Halloween, which is celebrated with much fanfare in many other countries. Students got dressed as monsters, ghosts, vampires, witches and devils, providing a different experience for the invitees who thronged the school. And to counter the monsters, many children were dressed as angels.

 Parents also pitched in with decorating, trick or treating and making sure all the students had a fun time. The students also participated in their own costume contest, games, treating and fun with an evening of music, dance and yummy baked goodies donated by the ever generous parents!

 Celebrating international festivals helps in fostering brotherhood and discouraging racism. Celebrating all kinds of festivals in school shows the acceptance of cultural diversity in schools. Such festivals help keeping older traditions alive.

 “We were extremely happy to win the Halloween Class Door Decoration Competition 2014” – Ms. Christina – Grade 3A Students.

 “The Elementary Halloween parade was too tough to judge.  Parent engagement was A+. They even baked treats that scared our socks off, from severed fingers to simple spider webs. When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours this Halloween” – Dr. Penelope Abraham Vice Principal & Director of Admission.

 This year was no different, with students, teachers, administrators, and even parents dressed up in their spooky attires and various competitions organized. The eventful day ended with a Halloween Dance. I personally enjoy DJing for the dance, coz the audience exuberate so much enthusiasm and energy.…. Well, we certainly had some fun-filled spooky mayhem here at CIS! – Sandeep Boniface (Music teacher)

 “A spooky-good time was had by all at the Canadian International School, as Halloween was celebrated with Elementary and Secondary School costume parades, trick-or-treating and capped off with a Middle School and high school dance.  With parents playing a huge part in the day, there was true festive spirit. Happy Halloween!” – Shane Kells – Head of School.

 “One of the many great things about being a part of the Canadian International School Bangalore family is how well we work together to make things like Halloween Celebrations come alive for the entire student body,  parents, and staff.  The happy expressions on the faces of all involved tell us all how much we truly depend upon each other” – Allan Villiers, K-8 Principal.

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