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Live train running status online

What is Live Train Running Status

Live train status means you can check the current location/ live running status of the train on your smartphone or laptop, you only need to have good internet connection and basic knowledge for checking live running train status. Here in this article we are providing you some simple steps which will guide you how to check live running status of the train.

steps to check live running status of a train:

  • You must have to know the train number which is of five digit.
  • Search for live running status of train or spot your train and then you have to enter five digit train number and click on ‘get train running status’.
  • Now you can see a new page will be opened in front of you with more detailed information about you query for the same train number.
  • Once the page appears you will notice at top of the page you will be asked to fill up the details and you have to provide your journey station and date of journey.
  • after providing journey station and journey date just hit ‘get train running status’ button.
  • A new web page opens which shows the current location/station of your queried train from the station where you are starting your journey and you can also check for expected arrival and departure time of the train at your station on the same page.

If you want to get correct live running status of your train then you have to punch all the information correctly most confusing part is step 2 where it is asked to fill the date of the journey for example if you have to catch Rajdhani Express and its departing time from first station (starting point) is of 27thbut and suppose its arrival time at your station is 12:30 a.m. (note: after 11:59-12:00 the day changes to next day) while selecting date of journey you have to provide 27thonly in journey date section because we are aware of the fact that after 12:00 midnight the day changes to next day and it becomes 28thbut the train that you have to catch/board was started on 27th so you have to provide 27th instead of 28th.

In case the train number that you have queried for knowing live running status  is not delivered or not showing any result then there could be several reasons:

  • It might happen you have entered an invalid train number
  • May be train does not run on the date you have queried for.
  • It might also happen the train number you are checking for its live running status may not have started yet from its source station i.e. starting point/station.

With the guidance of  above mentioned points you can not only check live running status of your train but you can also track some more information like current location of your train, live status from where the train has been departed, if the train has been delayed, expected arrival and departure time at desired railway station.

You can also check for live running status of your train by searching “” once the web page appears click on it then select ‘spot your train’ provide journey station and journey date you will get the detailed information about your train on the same page.

In Some case if the websites does not work you can use train service number you just have to dial *139# in your phone and just follow the instructions you will be able to locate your trains current location, next stoppage and  expected arrival and departure but you operator may charge you for this.



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