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Liverpool Win the Premier League Title

Around the world, football fans are waiting for season play to wrap up to determine the final champion. From Spain’s La Liga to Italy’s Serie A, teams must compete at a faster pace in order to finish out their season and determine who’s taking a title and who’s facing relegation to a lower league.In the UK, the Premier League just named Liverpool as the title winner for their 2019-20 season. The English Premier League may have just named a champion in Liverpool, but the US’s MLS league has struggled to get off the ground. While the league’s ‘MLS is Back’ tournament is set to begin 8 July, many are skeptical about whether or not the tournament will actually happen.US fans don’t need to fret about a lack of play, though. In addition to remaining play in La Liga and Serie A, English Premier League odds are also available for the final season matches of the 2019-20 season that will solidify rankings and determine which teams are relegated to the English Football League.The English Premier League will finish out its games on 26 July; Serie A on 2 August; La Liga on 19 July; and the MLS is Back Tournament is scheduled to run from 8 July until 11 August.Liverpool: 2019-20 Season RecapComing into their 128th season as a club, Liverpool looked like the strongest team in the Premier League. For the first time since the official reformation of the English Premier League in 1992, it looked absolutely inevitable that Liverpool would take the Premier League title and finally become the UK’s champion football club after a 30-year drought.Since 2015, the club has been headed by manager Jürgen Klopp, known as the ‘father of football philosophy’. Though Klopp has done an excellent job steering the team compared to recent managers like Roy Hodgson or Kenny Dalglish, there’s been no Premier League title to show for it.However, Klopp and star players like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané, and Virgil van Dijk have lit up Anfield and slowly transformed into a cohesive, unbeatable squad. This was made evident by their impressive performance in the 2018-19 season.Coming off their 2018-19 UEFA Champions League win, the Reds continued their charge when they defeated Chelsea in penalty kicks to win the UEFA Super Cup in August 2019.Though they fared less well in the UEFA Champions League with a defeat from Atlético Madrid in September that saw the Reds eliminated, their Premier League play stayed strong. Shortly after, another sign of the team’s win-readiness came when, in December, Liverpool won their very first FIFA Club World Cup title after competing in Qatar.The Reds continued hacking through the competition in the Premier League, with Manchester City on their heels in points. As February came, Liverpool and its fans began to hope for an imminent title grab, especially when the Reds tied Man City for longest winning streak with an 18-game streak following their win over West Ham.When the Premier League was suspended on 13 March, Liverpool was only six points from securing their win.

Countdown to Victory 

One week after the Premier League recommenced, Liverpool defeated Crystal Palace on 24 June with a sweeping 4-0 victory that allotted the team 3 crucial points.

Liverpool drifted higher in the rankings, but their main competition, Manchester City, slipped the very next day. On 25 June, Manchester City faced off against Chelsea. In order to prevent Liverpool from becoming champions, Man City needed to take at least three points in order to defend their 2018-19 title.

Fernandinho received a red card in the 77th minute of play with a tied score of 1-1, and Chelsea’s Willian took advantage of the penalty to put Chelsea in the lead. Man City couldn’t recover, and their loss made Liverpool the champions of the 2019-20 season.

Since the de facto victory, Klopp and his players have taken to social media to celebrate and declare their intention of continuing their reign in the Premier League. Klopp went on record in an interview with the Telegraph to say, “We are never going to stop.”

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