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Lokpal issue takes center stage in Parliament

The Lokpal issue became a prominent topic of discussion in the Parliament, as several questions were raised by opposition parties. During the Zero Hour, CPI (M) member Tapan Kumar Sen asked in Rajya Sabha, as to why the Lokpal has not been appointed yet. Sen pointed out that even when there’s been a tremendous upsurge against corruption in the country, the center has not yet appointed anyone for the post of Lokpal. Replying to his query, the government said that it would not be prudent to comment on the issue, as the matter is currently sub-judice.

Sen also discussed the practical problems in the appointment of Lokpal, saying that the lack of a leader of opposition may be one of the reasons for the delay. However, he pointed out that just like the government had taken the ordinance route to appoint the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, the same process can be used to appoint a Lokpal as well. Sen also accused the government of double standards, saying that the center is not giving top priority to the appointment of Lokpal.

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