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Loksabha question 242 on ATM and Bank Security of March 13, 2015

Mr Sunil R Udupa, Managing Director, Securens Systems Pvt Ltdsay’s:

“In view of the alarming growth of ATM related crimes in India, it is heartening to know that government is concerned and is looking out to formulate measures and guidelines to ensure ATM Sites and Bank Branches are safe and secure.  When developing such guidelines, we hope that the GoI will look into Technology based cost efficient and economical solutions that are available as an effective alternative to the challenges seen inManual Guarding.  A guard’s life is at risk during a burglary attack.There is no need to unnecessarily risk a precious human life when a   technology based ‘E-Surveillance solution with Active Deterrence’ is available that is proven, credible, reliable and economical.  Besides actively preventing burglary, the Active Deterrence solution also detects mugging and other attacks on the customer at the ATM site thus making the ATM site a safe and secure place for customers to transact.

Today, many large Banks including the top Private sector Banks and Public Sector Banks have implemented Electronic E-Surveillance for their ATMs & Bank Branches with Active Deterrence.”

The confidence of criminals is increasing due to weak or non-existing security measures.  At the same time confidence of customers to securely transact at the ATM Site is fast ebbing.

CCTVs do not prevent crime; they merely record it for forensic purpose – After the fact.  That is, in case they are found to be working….

Hiring security guard comes with its inherent challenges.  A guard’s life is at risk during a burglary attack.  A Guard who has been severely injured or killed has been well covered in the media.  Now, there is no need to knowingly put a human life at risk when an effective technological alternative that is both credible and reliable is readily available with a proven track record.

E-Surveillance with Active Deterrence solutionintegrates the latest 5th Generation Intrusion Alarm Systems with on-site CCTVs & Audio system thus enabling the use of powerful video verification and 2-way audio toACTIVELYPREVENT a crime from happening.  The technology also helps to deter any attacks on the customer inside the ATM Site.

With Active deterrence, the burglary is detected instantly on a real-time basis and actions are taken immediately – within a few minutes, thus deterring the purported crime!  

Securens is the Market Leader in providing ‘E-Surveillance with Active Deterrence’.  This is a completely home grown Indian solution. Made in India for Indian Customers.

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