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London Bubble Company, waffles that tickle your taste buds

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Bubble waffles have been a hot favourite with the street foodies of Hong Kong since time immemorial. Every person who has grown up there has a childhood memory to narrate pertaining to gai daan zai (“little eggs” in Cantonese), also known as bubble waffles. And gradually this street favourite made its debut in London too. Popular folklore has it that grocery stores back in the ’50s turned their cracked and damaged egg stock into a lip-smacking flour-based pastry snack. As time went by, the now seen egg-shaped mould was designed to give the snack a zingy appearance.

This idea gradually spread to London where it became of the toast of the foodie community, and is today considered the staple food of Europe.

London Bubble Company is an attempt to bring this delicious offering to the citizens of Mumbai. Distinct from the regular waffles that have been sampled in Mumbai, Bubble waffles are a treat to all our senses through its flavour, texture, fragrance and so on.

Establishing London Bubble Company (LBC)

The idea behind setting up London Bubble Company is to offer a broader experience of waffles to the experimentative audience. Since waffles made its entry, variations have been in the form of flavours; however, LBC promises to redefine your idea of waffles with its variations such as bubble waffle wraps, pocket waffles and bubble milkshakes.

What makes it unique?

While bubble waffles are traditionally made of egg, Saurabh Rathore – the founder – sensed a huge opportunity in bringing the product to a rapidly growing vegetarian audience in India. And that’s how the idea of 100% vegetarian bubble waffles grew. With a team of internationally-experienced Chefs, Rathore hopes to introduce a range of economically-priced options. Extensive research and development has gone into London Bubble Company to develop the perfect recipe that would retain the texture and flavour of the original bubble waffle, while customising elements to suit the Indian palate. Through London Bubble Company, Rathore also hopes to set a milestone in the service aspect of quick-service restaurants – the least-accounted aspect of all. Detailed standard operating procedures have been developed that may be easily replicated across the franchisees to develop training programmes for the staff. This allows for a uniform experience for patrons all over.

Gobble Me Good: Rathore set up Gobble Me Good earlier this year in 2017 with a view to introduce exciting culinary experiences from across the world to the discerning and well-travelled Indian audience. London Bubble Company will be grown through a franchisee model – 200 of them by end of 2019. The current plan is to have two in Mumbai one in Juhu and second in Andheri. This will be followed by Vashi, Chembur and Matunga to strengthen its Mumbai presence, gradually moving across the country. GMG comprises of a vivacious team of young millennials and old-school fans who are all combined by their passion for travel, food and love for new experiences.

A self-funded enterprise, Gobble Me Good was set up by Saurabh Rathore with the core proposition of bringing international culinary experiences to India. Rathore aims to bring three more exciting International brands to India that offer unique QSR experiences at value-driven pricing.

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