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Look like a Mughal Princess with Afghan Jewelry

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Want to look Regal? Gold is not the only jewelry that can give you a royal look. You can attain the same effect with the right choice of artificial jewelry as well. What am I talking about? Well, I am referring to the Afghan or Kuchi jewelry. You might have heard a lot about the Jadau-making experts from Rajasthan or Gujarat, but the Kuchi artisans are equally adept at creating glamorous jewelry! They are so adept that many centuries ago their craft was reserved only for the royalty. When the royal families needed something special to wear on those grand occasions, they would send for the Kuchi jewelry experts. And the artisans would never disappoint them.

When the Mughals arrived from the plains of Central Asia, they brought many new things to India. And one such highlight was the Kuchi jewelry. The large and shinning necklaces that the Queens and Princesses, among other royalty, would wear during that era would be made by expert craftsmen from Kuchi tribe of Afghanistan. With a passage of time, Kuchi jewelry picked up some great elements from the Indian style of jewelry making and that made it richer than ever before.

The craftsmanship involved in Kuchi jewelry making is so intricate that in the recent years Gold has been subtly replaced by German silver and stones. And you won’t find anything missing in these budget friendly variations. They are as attractive as ever. The fine Meenakari work embedded with motifs and designs and garnished by colorful stones, truly turns you into the center of attraction.

While the Kuchi necklaces have remained true to their philosophy, Kuchi earrings on the other hand have evolved. Today, they offer you the looks you want. Most popular variety of Kuchi earrings of course remains the Chandbalis. Made in the shape of two crescent moons and studded with colorful stones, all sitting within a geometric frame, these were popular among royalty all across India in the past years. But their evolution did not stop there.

Today, Kuchi earrings are available in a wide assortment of styles and designs. Would you believe it – the Kuchi craftsmen have even found a way of confining their elaborate designs within the limited space of Studs!

So, whenever you desire to look fashionable, and especially like a Princess from those years of yore, you know the type of jewelry to search for. But search no further because Glitterati by Alankriti brings before you a wide range of Afghan Jewelry. Check out their collection now.  

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