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Lost for words? Not with ACCA

BPP University develops cutting edge, new English language course to assist ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) students at each stage of the qualification.

New Delhi, 29th June, 2016: Students studying with ACCA now have access to a brand new course to support the English language skills needed for the ACCA F1 – P7 exams. ‘BPP University English language support for ACCA’ is offered free to all ACCA students and is available online as a self-directed and flexible learning programme.

BPP University English language support for ACCA will include approximately 70 one-hour modules. These include specialised content designed to identify and reduce some of the common difficulties that students who don’t have English as a first language may encounter throughout their ACCA exam journey.

The ACCA qualification prepares students for a career in finance, accountancy and management and part of that preparation includes the development of business English skills. With English now the dominant language of many international organisations, financial English or business English is widely accepted as a valuable employability skill, considered essential for those who want to gain greater career mobility and/or a career with a multi-national organisation.  ACCA is further helping students gain this valuable skill by providing them with access to this support programme.

Commenting on the new course being offered, Mohammed Sajid Khan, Head of International Development at ACCA said, “In India, people speak more than 400 languages and dialects and over 125 million people can speak and understand English in India (BBC, 2015). Whilst this represents only 10% of the population, rapid urbanisation has led to an increase in demand for jobs in the big cities, pushing up demand in people wanting to learn or improve their English. This innovative course in English will help students gain an edge professionally especially when Indian business scenario is going global and more and more MNCs are coming to India. This course will open the horizons for ACCA students professionally and personally as well.”

The innovative new course is written and delivered by BPP University’s School of Foundation and English Language (SoFELs). SoFELs is the Preferred Global Partner for Online English Language Support for the ACCA Qualification and the Preferred Global Online English Language Support ‘Train the Trainer’ for the ACCA Qualification.

Amanda Blackmore, SoFELs dean and deputy vice chancellor of BPP University, said: “This online resource is not only ground-breaking, it is free to access for any ACCA student wishing to better understand the English language nuances and requirements of the ACCA exams. Students will benefit from our expertise in English Language delivery to students from around the world, deep knowledge of the ACCA qualifications and our innovative approach to online learning.”

Alison McHugh, director of education development at ACCA said, “For some students, their level of English Language skills can be a barrier to progression through the ACCA qualification. This new course ensures that their English language proficiency is developed so that their language skills do not affect their chances of exam success.

“The BPP University English language support for ACCA course is a part of ACCA’s on-going strategy to ensure employers have an established pipeline of qualified finance professionals. With financial English being a key feature of the business world, proficiency in English language is a valuable skill that can give you a competitive edge. Through the course’s targeted support for every ACCA exam, English language skills won’t stop our students from reaching their goal of a long term career in finance, accountancy and management. ”

All the BPP University English language support for ACCA content is available online and can be accessed any time, on any device, and contains a mix of media content.

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