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Love Adventure? These 8 destinations are perfect to seek some thrill

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Most of you, would like to experience some thrill and excitement on a holiday rather than relaxing near the hills or the beaches. When you think of taking some time out for yourself, you definitely desire to do something out of the box. Whether it is a solo trip or a trip with your beloved, you wish to experience the thrill and feel the adrenaline rush, which will turn into the loveliest memories of your life.

You get one life and you do not get a chance to pitch in an adrenaline-filled activity every time. Hence, if you have made up your mind this time, select one of the adventure-friendly places from the below list and satiate your desires for your upcoming holiday.

  • Bali

Bali is not only an amazing holiday destination but it is quite pocket-friendly as well. Bali is a beautiful island and offers numerous activities for the adventure enthusiasts. From meeting the vibrant marine creatures through scuba diving and snorkelling, surfing, sea walking to river rafting or parasailing, Bali has a pot-pourri of activities to offer its travellers. Bali has everything to satiate your adventurous soul. Bali honeymoon holidays are in great demand now a days among the couples. Spend some days with your lover at this romantic & adventurous location.

  • Australia

When we talk about Australia, the first thing that strikes the mind is the Great Barrier Reef. This is a stupefying area for all the marine enthusiasts. Earlier this was closed for travellers but since last decade, it is open to all the travellers and people can take a deep dive into the reef to observe the beautiful marine life. Australia is the mecca for surfers and there are other activities such as snorkelling, white water rafting to indulge in.

  • Nepal

When it comes to Nepal, one can imagine trekking into the raw and explored regions of the Himalayas. The pristine environment along with the breath-taking beauty of nature is worth a capture. Whether you opt for the Everest base camp trek or Poon hill trek or Annapurna circuit trek, you are going to have the most amazing trekking experience in Himalayas. This is the time when you are with yourself, no routine pressures, no responsibilities; it is just you and your soul. Feel it and go for it.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful country and it is known for its adventure friendly zones all around the world. Whether you wish to experience the amazing skydiving or you desire to take a leap on a bungee from the highest top of the world, New Zealand will facilitate it to you. As far as adventure friendly activities are concerned, New Zealand will never disappoint you. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your package today.

  • Dubai

Dubai is the largest city of UAE and since the last decade, it has come up as the most travelled destinations in the world. Dubai is a man-made marvel on Earth and the development of tourism in the country deserves appreciation. From relaxing near the beaches to the thrilling adventure activities to shopping, Dubai has everything to please every traveller’s soul. Explore the various Dubai tour packages and you will come to know the amazing adventure activities it has to offer.

  • Ladakh

Ladakh is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. In fact, it should be in one’s bucket list before he/she turns 40. Ladakh is a place for wanderers, it is a place to purify and rejuvenate your soul. Who knew that this remote valley of Kashmir would one day turn itself into the most travelled destinations in India? Check out the Leh Ladakh holiday packages and have a look at the numerous activities to rejoice your adventure-friendly soul.

  • Singapore

When we talk about visiting Singapore, you just cannot miss out on the adventurous activities the country has to offer. One can, experience indoor sky diving in a wind tunnel and experience the thrill of sky-diving from 12,000 ft., explore the bio-diversity of the country while kayaking is a great opportunity the country offers, indulge in the cable skiing and feel the thrill and so on. There are many more activities to embark on and create wonderful memories for life.

  • Sri Lanka

If you think Sri Lanka is just a small country and does not have much to offer then we would urge you to visit it once and explore the region. Sri Lanka is one of the most amazing holiday destinations in the world and each end of the country has a different activity to offer its travellers. From the unique wild life safari, hot air balloon ride, to wake boarding, scuba diving, and hiking, Sri Lanka has everything to please your adventurous soul.

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