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Love thy Thai!

There are so many cuisines in the world. Some of them have a strong native root. Some others are accommodating and accepting. There are some more which gain global audience and make inroads into various countries. A cuisine can start in any category and eventually become a globally accepted and liked cuisine too. These cuisines have followers across the globe purely because of the flavors and textures that are packaged into it.

Thai food is one such cuisine. It has strong native roots. It has accommodated and accepted influences from other cuisines over a period of time. Thai cuisine is popular as a global cuisine. There are a lot of people who love Thai food. There are people in India, Europe, America and even Spain who love Thai food. There are Thai restaurants that cater to such a widely scattered audience. Thankfully there is also the choice to order food online.

Thai cuisine is known the world over for the subtleness in putting together fresh food, spices and herbs. Spicy, sweet, sour and bitter tastes are common in most Thai dishes. The seemingly opposite tastes balance the overall eating experience leaving one happy. Thai food blends opposites to create a harmony that is acquired in each of the dishes due to its long history. The originality of these dishes depends on how these flavors are balanced. Authentic Thai restaurants have carefully preserved these techniques. Sometimes one gets lucky to find some of these authentic dishes available through order food online platforms like Freshmenu or Swiggy.

Thai cuisine has evolved over a long period of time. Some believe that it is still evolving. There are heavy influences of cuisines from neighbouring countries Burma, China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and India. It is probably this very reason that tourists from all over find Thai food suitable. There is a dish that is good for each person. It is interesting to note that Thailand is one country that is popular for both its tourist attractions and food tourism.

Thai food is known for taste for sure but also for health. There is use of herbs and spices that are proven to aid digestion and promote well being. A general misconception is that Thai food is spicy. There are dishes that are spicy but not all of them can be categorized similarly. There is a decent portion of fruit, vegetables and low fat products used that make Thai cuisine a great option for a healthy meal.

The colors of the fruits, vegetables and spices used in Thai cooking make for a presentable dish. For the most part, a well prepared Thai dish is a delight to the eye too. It is a great choice for people who are particular about how their food should look. Who would want to eat something that doesn’t look delicious? To this extent, the Thai are not far behind the Japanese in presenting their food.

Food, health, taste, flavors, presentation together make Thai food very popular. It is easy to say love thy Thai!


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