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Low maintenance house plants that are safe for pets as well

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Plants are a really essential part of our lives. They do not just keep us refreshed by supplying us with oxygen but bring in a sense of positivity in our everyday world. Indoor plants especially have a great quality to rejuvenate the surroundings, beautifying the place we live in, and fill our table tops or corners of the room with fragrance and colors. But there are certain plants that might not suit out pets. So, let’s discuss which all indoor plants should we go for that can convince for both us and our furry beloved.

  1. Haworthia:

Haworthia is a succulent, low-growing plant which needs the least attention of yours. Absolutely beautiful, this plant has white bands across its leaves. All you need is a perfect place where the plant can obtain ample sunlight and soil with good drainage properties. This plant bears a resemblance to aloe but is actually different.

  1. Christmas Cactus:

A widely available plant with blazing blooms that come up during winter, Christmas cactus is an ideal choice to go for to jewel up your home. These do not need much attention, readily adapt to any light condition, and is non-toxic to both humans and pets. Propagation of this plant is quite easy. Just cut a part of the plant and fix in moist soil.

  1. Boston Fern:

A classic beauty, the Boston fern is the most preferred low-maintenance indoor plant. A cool, humid, low light place is all the plant requires. This beauty can bring freshness in any room you place it within. The frilly leaves of the fern go along with any backdrop. In addition to this, the plant does not produce allergic spores. Get this pet-safe décor for your home right away.

  1. Staghorn Fern:

Staghorn Fern is better known as Platycerium is an air plant. It prefers to take up moisture from the air and breathe wherever hung. The plant resembles the antlers of Staghorn, hence its name. It is undoubtedly pet-friendly. Fix a wall or a corner where you can hang this charming herb and let it create magic in your living room.

  1. Venus Fly Trap:

Get any intruder insecttrapped with this carnivorous plant. Venus Fly Trap is strange, unusual, yet a stunningly proud plant to be kept at the window linings under brightly lighted up and humid conditions. It is dangerous for the insects but fail-safe for the pets. And don’t worry about its teeth, those are just the lacy boundaries go to pin the bugs.

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