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Luxuries of a Teacher

The years gone by and of course many in the future, the discrimination among good and bad teachers will prevail. What an obnoxious line, to start a write-up with, just a day prior to Teachers’ Day celebration, at the same time Dr. Krishnan must have not thought that the most significant role in the society played by the larger portion of the mentors, educators, or whatever name you give, will dance, crack jokes and celebrate this day with the most inappropriate way, reason that we cannot thought beyond that. 

And surely with the advent of social media as strong as anything could be, the entire day will be spent on exchanging wishes, Selfies, and group photos the social sites will swarm with anything but the significance of the day. 

Isn’t it the time to understand that this profession is also similar to other professions, my critics may differ to the idea of finding similarities among the other jobs, and this noble job, what we call is educating the nation, creating a youth with discipline, respect to all, deprived of gender, racial and religious differences. 

A simple experiment bares all, give a chance to a private school teacher to join a government school, where we are quite sure of the education standard, but the person won’t give it a second thought to join or to stay, certainly join. 
My experience at different gathering with all kind of teachers (not to be interpreted as teachers from different species) and the discussion point is the same, no one seem to be happy, and there was no lack of advice givers, “why do you want to spoil your life with this private job?”, “job safety is only with Govt. job”, and n number of reasons why a teacher given an opportunity should not miss to join state govt. schools. 

This point of transition to a govt. teacher is not entirely wrong. Survey reports says the most discontent employees are the teachers, reason could be anything but surprising notion is, a place where every day is full of happenings, place with bubbling energy, where in every year you get the chance to enhance your knowledge, why a person should be unhappy and dishearten, of course money plays a vital role and politics also seeping in where autocracy becoming a prime factor. But the underived factor is the person is made to believe insufficient at every sphere of life.  

We need to move to a situation where teachers are not by chance but by choice. Probably the insufficient feeling by The teacher fraternity can be overlooked by adding more to the respect and the perception of Late Dr. Kalam about educators and education, the ridiculed attitude of “ if you can do nothing in your life become a teacher” should be replaced by when you become anything in your life, somewhere in your life there was a teacher who made it possible for you to think that. 

Just by saying the country’s future is in our hands and we are the nation builders won’t change the fate of an individual and of course country,  before you want anyone to experience the importance of his/her being, you need to first give the person the authority to exercise it.

By: Shashank Bhattacharya

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