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Maatr: Movie Review

Release Date: April 21, 2017
Cast: Raveena Tandon, Madhur Mittal, Divya Jagdale, Anurag Arora, Alisha Khan
Director: Ashtar Sayed
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Duration: 1 hour 53 minutes      

Cases of crime against women in India have been on the rise and what is even more worrying is that the perpetrators often go free due to the lackadaisical approach of police, political interference, and weak judicial system. The victims are scarred for life and on top of that, they have to face social isolation and lack of support from near and dear ones. Maatr is the story of one such victim who goes through one of the worst human experiences, having to bear unimaginable mental and physical trauma.

Vidya Chauhan (Raveena), a school teacher and her teenage daughter Tia (Alisha) are driving through Delhi when they accidently take a wrong turn and end up at the farmhouse of Apurva Malik (Madhur Mittal), the depraved son of a politician. Finding them alone, Malik and his gang rape and abuse Vidya and Tia. They utilize a brutal approach to their perverted behavior, which leaves Vidya and Tia seriously injured. Afterwards, Vidya and Tia are dumped along the road and left there to die. Tia could not bear the trauma and succumbs to her injuries. Vidya survives, but her fight has just begun since she soon realizes that nobody really cares and nobody is willing to help her get justice. Even her husband wants divorce. However, Vidya refuses to give up and when nothing works, she decides to take revenge on her own.

Maatr highlights the trauma faced by rape victims and how the police are often found to be uncooperative due to pressure from powerful people. The movie intends to act as a wake-up call for crimes against women. Raveena has delivered a good performance; both in her role of a victim and the avenging angel avatar where she mercilessly takes revenge on the men who wronged her.

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