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Mahindra École Centrale organizes a three days workshop on “Digital Manufacturing and Prototyping” at Hyderabad

Sponsored by Indo-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research, the workshop identified over 15 areas of joint research in the sector

Mahindra École Centrale College of Engineering, Hyderabad along with Centrale Supelec, Paris, Europe’s leading University, organized a workshop to identify potential research projects in “Digital Manufacturing & Protptyping”. Prof TS Krishnamurthy and Prof Bishnu Pal from MEC were the facilitators for the conference and the team was headed by Prof Sanjay Dhande, Founder Director, MEC.

Keeping in mind, the Central Government’s focus on “Make in India” and in the backdrop of the Prime Ministerial visit to Europe, MEC and Centrale Supelec jointly organized a workshop of key academicians, industry specialists and researchers from India and France to deliberate on and closely re-look at the manufactured goods, from pin to plane that are produced in the country.

In order to have high quality and innovative products, one needs to address various aspects of manufacturing, communications and computerization in addition to optimization to keep costs of manufacturing under control. The discussions at the workshop were thematic in the areas of additive manufacturing, popularly known as 3-D printing, use of fibres, lasers and optonics for communication including wireless systems between manufacturingsystems, and simulation & optimizations.

In the course of the workshop, several ideas were been discussed and more than 15 ideas have been identified. Projects in these chosen areas will be initiated once these are approved by the technical council appointed by IFCPAR.  Respective Indian and French governments & industries would fund these research projects.

The workshop was attended by several Indian and French industries (CNRS, Institut d’Optique, CSIR, Sterlite, Carborundum Universal and Tata Steel) and academia (IITs – Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad, Centrale Supelec  and MEC) and intensive deliberations have happened over two and half days.

“The Indian Economy is primarily divided into three sectors, 60 % services, 17% manufacturing and 23%agriculture. If we have to make “Make in India” a reality, then the share of Manufacturing sector has to increase up to 25% in the coming few years.”, says Prof. Sanjay G Dhande, Founder Director, MEC. Such workshops will help look at the fallacies in the segment closely, look for options of collaborative research and eventually create a more robust manufacturing climate in India, he added.

The 3 day workshop,  organized by MEC, brain stormed on possible collaborations between India and France in both academia and Industry. It was discussed how the Hyderabad- Bengaluru belt can be transformed into an area where Hitech manufacturing can prosper. India can have a hub around the area – Deccan Pleateau, which can one day be compared with Silicon Valley of USA.  The scope to achieve the same is good as the resources in terms of man power, capital and infrastructure is available in abundance.

“MEC is committed to organizing such meets not only with the French counterparts but also with other European and American companies in future”, Prof. Dhande added.

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