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Maine Hindu Temple to marry two Hindu deities

Maine Hindu Temple in Westbrook, a suburb of Portland (Maine, USA), is organizing the wedding of Lord Rama, 7th avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu and great hero of epic Ramayana, with Sita, on March 29.

The invitation to the “entire community” for this “Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam” reads as: Sri Rama, The eldest son of King Dasaratha, Weds Sita, The eldest daughter of King Janaka…You are hereby invited to attend the Divine Kalayanam, with family and friends. Announcement also adds: Sponsoring and performing the Kalyanam of the Divine Couple is Very auspicious and will bring success to the family.

This wedding ceremony from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm will include muhurtam, homam, abhishekam, alankaram with bhajans, sankalpam, utsavam, archana, arathi and prasadam; besides an Indian style lunch. Priest Bhairav Ji from Boston will perform the wedding. Its Grand Sponsorship is priced at $1116, while just sponsoring “banana plants, mango leaves, leaf plates” will only cost $116 to devotees.

Meanwhile, distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, applauded efforts of Maine Hindu Temple and area community to showcase Hindu traditions.

Rajan Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, further said that it was important to pass on Hindu spirituality, concepts and traditions to coming generations amidst so many distractions in the consumerist society and hoped that this temple would focus in this direction. Zed stressed that instead of running after materialism; we should focus on inner search and realization of Self and work towards achieving moksh (liberation), which was the goal of Hinduism.

Maine Hindu Temple; whose mission includes “to preserve and promote the Hindu religion, culture and philosophy”; opens every Thursday, besides for other special events. Its objectives include:  To conduct/sponsor religious, spiritual, charitable, educational, social and cultural activities.

Presumpscot and Stroudwater rivers flow through Westbrook, a suburb of Portland and incorporated in 1814, which also contains part of Highland Lake. Colleen Hilton, Brendan Rielly and Jerre Bryant are Mayor, City Council President and City Administrator respectively. Prominent people associated with Westbrook include cartoonist Kevin Eastman, wrestler Scott Garland, musician Rudy Vallee and baseball player George Gore. Maine is known from scenery, lobsters and lighthouses.

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