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Major Differences Between Webinar VS Podcasts In 2020

Integrating a myriad of content in the wheelhouse calls for, deciding the correct guidance delivery format. Riding the podcast plane or jumping on a webinar wagon; it is challenging to decide. Both these contents carry numerous ways of engaging with prospects but these achieve different things. Determining the differences between Webinar vs. Podcast will help you learn the format that works best for your business. Comparatively it is equally important to comprehend what you want to accomplish with the specific content offer. Then determining the format for better communication becomes easier. An ecommerce development company can help your B2B business take flight to the very next level through podcasts & webinars.

How do webinars and podcasts function?

Prior to delving in learning the difference between podcasts and webinars, it is important to learn how webinars work & how podcasts work.

  • The digital audio records that listeners can gain access to via platforms such as Google Play or iTunes is a podcast. These come for free & you can download these at any point of time.
  • A real-time online seminar that involves people all over the globe is a webinar. Webinars contain both video & audio.

Listing down the differences

Webinar pros over podcasts

  • Easy to remember materials – A webinar on demand is popular as unlike podcasts, these help in presenting information both visually & audibly through pictures, video & slides. Viewers as a result can easily remember all the materials because of the advantages offered by multi-sensory learning.
  • Easier to teach practical skills – Webinar for teachers also carries benefits as coaching on practical skills like web design, programming or marketing analytics becomes easier. If you ever receive a webinar invite, you should not miss it. There you will find that hosts share the screen & display instead of just telling viewers what is needed to do. Practical skill acquisition thus becomes easier & faster.

Webinar cons over podcasts

  • Preparation calls for more effort – There is no doubt about the fact that a podcast setup requires effort & profound research too, for recording that ideal webinar script for the audience. Regardless of this fact, webinars input a visual constituent that quadruples the needed efforts. Not only the host needs to craft an eye-catching presentation with diagrams & graphs but he/she needs to rehearse the gestures as well for seeming perfect on the camera front.
  • Perfection is not the case always – Looking at some webinar examples is important before you decode which platform you need for communicating with your target audience. Many times you will witness technical issues arriving& causing interruptions & blackouts which always do not go well with the audience. As online performance can never be pre-recorded, hosts can often lose their train of thought.

Podcast pros over webinars

  • Constant lead generation – All webinars can never be one-time events. Just like a podcast with video lead generator, automated webinars can also generate leads. Even so, webinars are anticipated to be quite interactive. Many individuals often sense being left out when they are compelled to watch webinar recordings & not participate in live events.
  • Podcasts don’t call for instant marketing – If you are learning too much about what is webinar, you must think twice before choosing this as your platform. This is because, in case the audience doesn’t show up, the webinar will be catastrophic as you lose the chance of interacting with the spectators face-to-face. But on the other hand, in case you don’t advertise the podcast & the audience does not tune in while it premieres, you can market it later on any time.

Podcast cons over webinars

  • Challenging to scale the spectator’s satisfaction – No matter how interesting your podcast idea is, it is impossible to observe the reaction of the audience in real-time as these take place offline. Integrating polls naturally in a podcast is complex in contrast to webinars.
  • Monetizing is hard with podcasts – The typical method of asking for a registration fee is not applicable with podcast recording software. This is something that people do not expect from a podcast and most will move away from paid offers like this. There are alternative monetization prospects like online courses, affiliate commissions, etc.


As we can grasp the fact that when it comes to Webinar vs. Podcast, both have their own set of merits & demerits. Stating the clear winner of this particular battle is challenging. But one key takeaway of the podcast you must remember this that these are ideal for generating a massive amount of leads while webinars are always meant for attracting only the relevant audience. Get in touch with an ecommerce development company for making the smarter choice between a podcast or webinar for your particular business.

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