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Makeup hacks that every girl must know

What an appeal makeup holds for any women? It has the ability to change your looks completely can make old look young, can make you look mature or vice versa. It helps you hide your scars, birth marks, pimples and make your skin look smooth and glow. There are myriad reasons why women spend so much on makeup, which men can never understand. So, friends, we are here with some makeup hacks that every girl must know and will help you save some money:

Make your perfume last longer

To make your scent last longer, you must know some areas like below your throat, inside area of your wrist, beneath the earlobes and such places. Before spraying scent just make sure to apply Vaseline over these areas and enjoy the long day fragrance.

Stop spending on expensive makeup removers-

Why spend so much on makeup removers, when you have it at home most of the time. Coconut oil works as a great makeup remover. So, next time replace your makeup remover with a coconut oil.

Olive oil, a great relief –

Sick of chapped lips? Instead of applying those chemical loaded lip balms, give a try to olive oil. Apply some warm olive oil on your belly button at night before sleeping and see the results within a week. It actually works.

Do pedicure yourself-

A pedicure is so easy that it can be done at home. Stop spending hundreds on this. You just need coconut oil and brown sugar and massage it in a circular motion. You will be relieved from your dead and dry skin in few minutes.

Dry clean your hair

Many a time, girls face the shortage of time to wash their hair, here is a great tip for you. You just need a baby powder for this. Apply it and then comb it from hair roots to tips. It will work wonders for you.

Renew your old mascara

Sometimes we face problems at the last moment like dried mascara and due to the shortage of time, everything gets messed up. Girls never get fumbled, you can try adding some salt water or eye drops to your mascara and after some time you can see the perfect mascara.

On the whole, girls surely you got to know something new and interesting today. Give it a shot and make your life easier by saving your time and money. Hurry up and stuff your bag with the essential day saving products.  Keep smiling and be beautiful.


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