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Making a difference by bringing heart-patients and hope-givers together

New Delhi, October 11, 2015:To provide life-saving medical treatment to newborns and children suffering from congenital heart diseases, ‘Heart to Heart’, a fundraising event, was organized at the G.B.Pant Hospital by DoctorsForYou – US, a non-profit registered in the USA and with members in both USA and India. Dr. Sanjay Tyagi – Director, G.B.Pant Hospital – was the Guest of Honour.

‘Heart to Heart’ also marked 10 successful months for DFY-USA in India, a time during which the organization has impacted several little lives under its ‘Trisha’ project, which provides financial assistance for medical treatment to the families of underprivileged children suffering from life-threatening heart conditions (such as the ‘blue baby syndrome’) where early intervention is critical to survival.

DFY-USA is the labour of love of Tarun and Tamanna Dhamija, an US-based couple on a mission to bring hope to economically backward families for whom congenital heart ailments, more often than not, means the worst – given the expensive nature of the treatment. Kick-starting their project in Bareilly (remote, rural India is where the crisis is at its direst), they had to move to Delhi – and eventually associated with G.B.Pant Hospital – to overcome infrastructure and manpower challenges of the hinterland. Amongst their focus areas is pediatric cardiac surgeries – a specialized domain with high ‘demand’ and relatively insufficient endeavours or initiatives addressing it.Uniquely, DFY-USA goes beyond just treatment, by ‘adopting’ the child right through the process, and tries to provide food, shelter and education as well.

Shares Tamanna: “We run solely on donations, so yes, money is important. But we believe that its power multiplies manifold when you add love and genuine concern to the mix. That’s what we do. And the response from all quarters so far has been heart-warming.”

On its part, G.B.Pant Hospital drives project ‘Trisha’by referring its cases to DFY-USA, and by making its servicesavailable through customized, economical packages. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sanjay Tyagi said, “Children suffering from hole-in-the-heart need instant attention. In a country of 1.5 billion people, a handful of hospitals, no matter how competent, can only achieve so much. Which is why I wish to thank the DFY-USA team for bringing hope to these families.”

Young Annu,a beneficiary of project ‘Trisha’who attended the event, has nothing but gratitude in her heart. “I came with a heart problem. My family didn’t have money. Then I found out about this organization. Now, I am completely fine. Whoever helped me – thank you very much!”

Going by the signs, the movement is growing fast. “We have a target of saving 35 young lives this year, and we have already saved 26 (13 open heart surgeries and 13 interventions), so that’s a great validation of our intent and efforts”, adds Tamanna. The DFY-USA team, comprising 5 core board members, is already 30 volunteers strong. Along with GB Pant they have forged partnership with private setups as well such as Fortis-Escorts, Ganga Ram and Artemis. These partners provide subsidized packaged rate to somewhat minimize cost in order to promote this social cause.

So what lies ahead? Tamanna shares her big dream: “The ideas is to bridge the ‘need gap’ by creating a transparent crowd-funding platform with the help of state-of-the-art technology where patients and benefactors can come together and interact directly, thereby making an immediate, measurable and lasting difference to lives.”

Some corporates like Rokitt Inc (USA) have come forward to support DFY-USA. Evidently, many more need to do the same, to save these unfortunate children. The DYY-USA team can be contacted at

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