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Mamata Banerjee refuses to follow center’s directive on Independence Day celebrations

West Bengal Chief Minister is a rebel for some and for others, she is said to be living in a state of denial. On many occasions, she has locked horns with the central government and the story has been repeated once again after Mamata refused to follow the directives provided by the center regarding Independence Day celebrations at schools on August 15. The center had written to all schools to follow a specific format for Independence Day celebrations on August 15. The directive was issued by the human resources development ministry to all schools. However, the state government in West Bengal has instructed all schools in the state to ignore the directives given by the central government. The West Bengal government has locked horns with the center because it is not happy with the recent decision taken by Uttar Pradesh government that has made it mandatory for Madrasa students to sing the national song “Vande Mataram” on I-day.

As per the directive given by the central government, schools were to follow a specific format of celebrations that would include lectures, debates and quiz contests. The schools were also advised that the celebrations could be video recorded and submitted to the office of Sarva Shiksha Mission (SSM) by August 31, 2017. However, the state government also issued a counter circular, which asks schools to ignore the instructions provided by the central government. BJP leaders blamed Mamata and said that she is only looking for opportunities to fight with the Union government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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