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Man dreams of sacred Shiva Lingam; villagers dig up Hyderabad highway

In a bizarre incident, villagers dug up a highway near Hyderabad, just because a psychic man had dreamt of a sacred Shiva Lingam at that specific spot on the highway. The incident is amazingly in contrast with the recent launch of India’s biggest rocket, the GSLV MK III, which was launched from the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh. The highway was dug up at Jangoan, which is around 80 km from Hyderabad. The road digging resulted in a massive traffic jam that stretched up to a kilometer on both sides of the blockage. The highway connects Warangal to Hyderabad. Unfortunately, there was no trace of the sacred Shiva Lingam, even when a massive 15 feet by 8 feet hole was dug up right on the highway using huge JCB excavator machines.

Sources said that a man named Manoj had a dream of the sacred Shiva Lingam buried at that specific spot on the highway and he would often have psychic experiences whenever he used to visit that spot on the highway. He would go into a trance and start rolling and shaking, whenever he visited that spot on the highway. He always wanted to get the road excavated, but till this time, no one was convinced. However, he recently managed to convince the villagers and local political leaders to dig the highway and find the buried sacred Shiva Lingam. However, there was none to be found and all that was left was a huge hole in the middle of a busy highway. The police have registered a case of illegal digging, although no one has been named in the FIR.

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