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Man expands like a balloon after surfacing too fast from ocean depth

In a bizarre incident, a fisherman in Peru has expanded in size like a balloon after he surfaced too quickly from ocean depth. It is common knowledge among divers that surfacing from a dive has to be done at a controlled pace. If a diver emerges too fast from a deep dive, it could cause build-up of nitrogen inside the body, which can cause various medical complications and can also be fatal. Current deep diving systems include a sealed, air-tight compartment where divers are required to spend several hours, both before and after the dive. The compartment is designed to mimic the high pressure environment of a deep dive and the pressure is gradually released to allow the body to acclimatize to normal conditions. Technically, it is referred to as a decompression unit.

It appears that the fisherman in Peru was not aware of these deep diving guidelines, which is why he ended up become twice the size he was earlier. The man had dived to the bottom of the sea to collect sea creatures, but he surfaced too quickly resulting in nitrogen accumulation in his body. Doctors said that he has gained nearly 30 kg, as a result of the nitrogen and fluid retention in his body. Doctors also said that the man was lucky since the nitrogen build-up could have easily killed him. The man is currently being treated inside a pressurized chamber. He is experiencing severe hypertension.

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