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Managing the supply chain in the wake of COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is advancing like a doomed Black Swan, which is making our lives miserable. Amidst the miseries of people suffering from health issues leading to death, there might arise a situation of running out of essentials. People are indulging in panic buying, which will ultimately lead to a deficit the essential stocks.

In such a scenario, there is an instant urge to manage the supply chains currently in order to prevent the inevitable. Demands of the essential items, specifically, food is growing every passing day, and there is a constant shortage of supplies. Also, we have no idea when the market is going to recover, and normalcy shall be restored. Therefore, in this article, we will highlight all the precautions that you can take to manage your essentials and not to run out of stock. Read on to know about the key points that will have you manage the supply chain.

1-Ensuring availability: One of the most important ways to consider managing your supplies is by ensuring the availability of the essential items. And how can that be done? Well, for starters, the end consumers need to stop panic buying and let everyone access to the essentials. If you stop panic buying only, then there is a chance the stock won’t be exhausted as soon as we expect it to be.

And another habit to adopt is to stick to minimalism. You can start by reducing one item or two in your meals that you are consuming every day and adhere to the basics to get a sufficient amount of nutrition. This habit will not only keep you healthy and safe but also will ensure that you don’t run out of food and other essentials too soon to endure the pandemic.

2-Rely upon a more efficient supply chain: Second step to adopt is to rely upon a more valuable source for the supply of your essentials. Speaking of which Conecktr is one such reliable and efficacious supply chain that will cater to your needs. It is one of the most developed platforms based in Dubai. And has its app to increase the ease-of-usability for its users.

Conecktr deals with more than 150 brands to ensure that you are well supplied with all the essential items at a reasonable price. Whether you are a distributor, a retailer, an end customer, or a brand that deals with the crucial items, Concektr could be your one-stop solution.

3-Have appropriate plans and risk managing strategies: The idea is not just to deal with the current pandemic situation but to make sure that post-COVID-19 is preserved too. While most of the countries across the globe are practising lockdown, the economy has come to a stand-still. In such a situation, we need not only preserve the essential items during COVID-19, but we should save for the later part as well. And that is only possible if we adopted proper risk management strategies.

The supply chain can function efficiently if the suppliers work closely while diversifying the base. Also, as a responsible person, panic buying situations are needed to be managed. Also, making your purchases through online apps such as Conecktr will ensure safety by maintaining social distancing and thereby, checking the spread of the virus.

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