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Mask Date All Set To Revolutionize the Concept Of Online Dating In India

Mask Date is the all-new app, released on August 9th on Google Play that is likely to create a massive storm. This is a very different dating app that users hide a part of their face with a mask.

Mask Date is an all-new app that is likely to become a massive storm in the days to come. This app has designed on one bold hypothesis of the online dating scene. That is a lot of people are reluctant to go online because they don’t want other people to know that they have sought the refuge of dating app for the sake of looking for a partner.

Keeping this scenario in mind, an all-new dating app called Mask Date has been released. This app has Tinder-like features with the key striking difference that users have to hide a part of their face with a mask. This ensures that people won’t be able to know who is on this app. Once they find the right date, they can subsequently exchange photos, meet, and hang out as well.

The CEO of the company was quoted as saying, “Although it might be strange for me to say something like this, I don’t want to be known by my friends or family that I use a dating app.” He further added, “I wish in the future more and more people will find partners using my app and get a shot at becoming happy.”

It is important to add that both men and women can register on the app, and they can use all the functions free of cost during the release campaign. The mask factor has been generating the much-needed buzz, and it is likely to cater to a large audience, especially in the Indian market, where the inhibition of using the dating app publically is widespread.

Those who would like to know more about the app or even download it should make it a point to visit

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