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Matching Indian Jewellery with Your Clothes and Skin Tone

jewellery : Indian jewellery pieces such as Kundan necklace, rings, jhumka, chandbaali, bracelets, chains, earrings, nose pins, etc. are vital to getting that gorgeous, queen-like looks. However, an important thing to consider is the color of your skin tone and the clothes that you wear. The jewellery pieces you wear should complement your skin tone and the color of clothes that you wear. If that is not the case, everything will appear as separate elements and overall your jewellery will be mismatched with your skin tone and clothes. Here’s what you can do to present yourself as a complete picture that showcases the perfect utilization of Indian jewellery.

Your skin tone: For most Indians, their skin tone can be in varying shades of light, medium or dark. Talking about jewellery, one of its key purposes is to make you stand out. This is why jewellery works best in a contrasting theme, as it makes it easier to stand out and be clearly visible. So, whenever you are buying Indian jewellery, make sure that it is in contrast to your skin tone. The contrast need not be absolute; rather, just a small variation should be sufficient to make your jewellery stand out. Depending on the exact shade of your skin, you may have to try different jewellery pieces to find the one that best suits the color of your skin.

Color of your clothes: Just like jewellery, the color of your clothes should be in sync with your skin tone. However, when you are wearing jewellery, the color of your clothes should not be too bright that it overshadows your jewellery. Your skin tone and the color of your clothes should work as a background theme that accentuates the look and feel of the jewellery pieces you are wearing. It should not be like each element is trying to claim its own territory. For example, if you have light skin, you can wear clothes with pastel hues or those that have subtle tones such as baby blue or lilac. For medium color tone skin, the most appropriate clothing would be dusty rose, teal or saffron. For dark skin, best color for clothes would be coral, peach, purple, blue or olive.

Thinking everything in your mind can be quite a confusing exercise. Moreover, your needs may vary based on your specific skin tone. So, it’salways better to try things out in front of a mirror. Start with the clothes that you want to wear on a particular occasion, and then choose the most appropriate Indian jewellery to go with it. This is how you can arrive at the best combination of jewellery and clothes to suit your specific skin tone.

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