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Maximize Stock Investment Returns with Upstox Pro

I have been into stock trading for several years now and based on my experience, I can say that this space has transformed dramatically over the years. I have been witness to new rules & regulations, an ever increasing number of investors, IPOs, scams, stock market crashes and newer milestones such as the BSE Sensex crossing 36K for the first time. However, the one change that has had the most impact on stock trading is the technology upgrade that has occurred in this domain. With stock trading going digital, transactions in this space are being conducted at super high speeds. Technology has improved the accuracy and reliability of stock transactions and it has made it easier for investors to manage their stock investments. Taking this transformation to the next level is Upstox Pro, a leading stock trading platform available on both mobile and web.

When I first heard about Upstox Pro stock trading platform, my initial reaction was just like any other regular stock market trader would have. Being a seasoned intraday trader, I initially thought that it would be just another stock trading app. However, since I am always on the lookout to maximize my stock investment return, I thought of giving it a try. And when I installed and used Upstox Pro, I was really impressed with its easy-to-use features, live stock market updates, and powerful stock trading and analysis tools. Here are some of the best things that I noticed about the Upstox Pro Stock Trading App.

No need to open an account: Upstox Pro is free to try and does not require you to create an account. It provides you the flexibility of exploring its myriad of powerful stock trading features and functionalities without having to open demat account. That will come later once you are satisfied with the Upstox Pro stock trading platform.

Fluid, intuitive UI: Stock transactions are being conducted at super high speed and every second counts. I noticed that Upstox Pro’s user interface is easy-to-use and highly intuitive, which allowed me to transact in the shortest possible time. I did not have to struggle while searching for the stocks and placing my orders.

Trade directly from charts: Upstox Pro has added various innovative features such as the Trade from Charts feature, which allows you to trade directly from charts. This saves a lot of time, as you can track live stock market prices and place trades directly from the chart. To place a trade, just click on a price point on the chart and select the type of order you want to place.

Upstox API for advanced users: If you have a stock investment strategy that you think will boost your returns, you can use Upstox API to create your own trading and investment setup. Upstox API, a collection of REST APIs, will provide you with all the components you need to build your own trading and investment platform. The Upstox APIs can be used for various tasks such as placing trades, order execution, streaming live market data, user portfolio management, etc.

Low cost brokerage: Guided by its mission to provide affordable stock trading services to all Indians, Upstox Pro has implemented a low-cost brokerage model. This is very useful, as I have to pay only Rs 20 per intraday order. I also get free equity delivery, if any. Thanks to this low-cost brokerage model, I am now able to place more trades without worrying about the cost.

Low-cost mutual fund investments: In addition to stock trading, Upstox Pro also offers the option to invest in mutual funds. I like to invest some of my money in mutual funds to hedge risks and Upstox Mutual Fund platform allows me to do that in an affordable manner. I can explore more than 2,000 mutual funds and choose the ones that best suit my specific needs and requirements.

To sum it up, I can say that Upstox Pro has transformed the way I have been trading in stocks till now. My returns have increased significantly, as I can analyze stock trends, read stock related news, gain market insights, get price alerts and notifications and place my orders instantly on-the-go. I get all of these and a lot more at one place with Upstox Pro. Another good thing is that I can use the same account for both Upstox Pro Mobile and Upstox Pro Web, which ensures seamless integration. Talking about the cons, I did notice a few bugs and issues, but nothing major that would impact my stock trading. For example, I felt that the charts feature is more advantageous when viewed on a big screen.

Upstox Pro is being used by thousands of intraday traders like me and their traded turnover has already reached several thousand crores and is growing. It’s also good to know that Upstox is funded by leading investors such as Kalaari Capital, Ratan Tata and GVK Davix. With its easy-to-use features, advanced analytics, and powerful stock trading platforms, Upstox Pro has become the preferred choice for stock market investors.

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