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Maximum Americans wish Barack Obama to come back as President- Survey

At present USA’s President is Donald Trump. He has been in his position for past 13 days as President as on today but Mr. Barack Obama is yet the most wanted President of popular in America.  Yes this has come in news, as a new poll was conducted wherein former President Barak Obama is still first choice of people. They want Barak Obama to come back as president of USA.

The poll reveals close to 52 per cent of Americans are longing for Former President Mr. Barack Obama. The survey was done by Public Policy Polling, on other hand only 43 per cent voted Mr. Trump as they wished him to see as President.

Also one petition signed by some 500,000 people which says Trump is still associated with this real estate empire even after getting to in to government lead.

Three million people did not vote for Mr. Trump, as these people were from happy from Mr. Trump’s policies.  Only 26 percent Americans were in favour of the Muslim ban.

Also it is noted that Mr. Trump’s chief planner Steve Bannon has very squat support of 19 per cent of voters.

Barack Obama was elected on November 4, 2008.  Barack Obama became the 44th president of America.

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