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Media Career scope (after Class 12)

Board exams ushers in a lot of tension and anxiety. Students find it tough alright, but if you ask me, the real journey uphill starts after the exams – when they have to choose a career option. It’s no longer hinging on becoming an engineer, lawyer or a doctor. Today, actually, the sky is the limit!

Students have to do an internal search and come up with a decision that may lay the foundation for their future life. They must hone in on what they want to do in life. In that case, what career option should they make a beeline for? What course they should take up? At this crucial junction, it is important to critically analyze their interests and then circle out the options available.

Media Magic: Huge Career scope

Today, with media communication taking up the spotlight, this offers a huge careerscope for students. By opting for this route, an array of career options unfolds.

Indian media industry is growing rapidly and creating place for itself in international markets too. Film, television, advertising, public relations –  havewitnessed a remarkable growth in last few years. With the appearance of the internet, other areas have popped up – like digital marketing and  content writing.

It has indeed been a long journey for media industry with many a twist and turn. Presently, media industry has reached a level where it has been creating jobs for many people. It is considered as one of the most glamorous and lucrative career options. This field offers challenges and opportunitiesfor those looking for work in unconventional areas.

In fact, Media is one of the most powerful tools to educate people and even bring about behavioral changes. A career in this field offers ample job opportunities and growth.

If communicating effectively is one of your strengths, you can surely opt for this course.First and foremost, all aspiring media professionals must be excellent with communication – the spoken and written word.

Let’s check out the top 7 promising career options in the media industry:

  Career as Journalist: 

Here you can choose between print, electronic or online media. You can become a Journalist or News Anchor for TV or Radio. A print, broadcast or online journalist presents news on television, radio, newspapers, magazines or on news websites.  The broadcast area – the role of a News Anchor a glamour quotient attached! Their job is to give you the updates and stories on what is happening across the country and also around the globe. Their main work profile is to compile all news and present it in a very simple but effective manner.

Career as Advertising professional:

Advertising is about brand communication. And, the purpose is to sell. It’s like you’re talking to someone, convincing him/her to buy your product. In this case, it may also be in an online ad too. You’ve just got to remember that no matter what medium you use, you’ve got to be persuasive, you’ve got to be liked, and you’ve got to make sense to the consumer!

The world of advertising is exciting and there are different areas that you can choose from: Account Servicing, Account Planning, Creative Services, which includes Copy Writing and Art Direction. You will getinvolved in new product development, product launches, advertising communications, consumer research, packaging updates and consumer promotions. And some of the roles that open up are – Client Servicing Executive/Manager/Director, Copy Executive/Manager,  Creative Director, Account Planning Executive/Manager/Director.  

Career as Public RelationsProfessional:

Public Relations involves monitoring and evaluating public attitudes and maintaining mutual relations and understanding between an organisation and its publics, which could include shareholders, government, consumers, employees and the media.

Public Relations managers are in demand in all media houses, big corporates and even in public and private sectors. They are responsible for brand building and effective communication. Public image is important to all organisations and prominent personalities. Here, a recent entrant is Celebrity Management. Many hotels, travel agencies and private consultancy firms hire PR managers to build an image for their companies and to increase clientele.

The role of a Public Relations specialist is vital in crisis situations when correct and timely transmission of information can help save the face of the organisation. Remember Maggi?

So, you can move up from a PR Executive to Manager to Director; or you could get into Media Relations too.

Career as a Marketing/Brand professional:

Marketing and advertising careers are just as dynamic and diverse.

Marketing is a form of communication between brands and their customers with the goal of selling the product or service. Communicating the value of the product or service is a key aspect ofmarketing. You get into the planning and execution of marketing plans for many leading Indian and international brands.  Marketing careers are ever-evolving with the growth of new media and online opportunities. The world of advertising also has to keep up with the times and provides a stimulating, fertile environment.

The career options are: Marketing Executive/Manager/Director or you could be a Brand Manager too.

With the onset of technology, the digital marketing landscape has emerged and you can fit yourself here too. Marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities in thisdigital age and you can enter this world, and explore new ways to promote brands.

Career as Script Writer:

With television serials grabbing eyeballs and ads trending, many young people do want to get into such creativity.

You can become a Script Writer. We all know that a script is the soul of any programme or movie. We can’t imagine any TV show, movie or even an ad without a good script.

A script writer is not even responsible to write script but also responsible to develop storyline, create characters and write dialogues. To become a good script writer one has to be a good observer and learner, and should have the ability to develop ideas from day-to-day life to unfurl  the requirement of the story. The success of any movie or TV show depends upon how well the script is written.

So, if you think you have the creative streak, go for it!

Career in Events Management: Event management is a fast moving industry today, with events being hosted almost daily – like the shaadis, bachelor/bachelorette parties or birthday parties. So, making a career in event management is a good choice.

Organizing a perfectly synchronized, well-planned, well-conducted and memorable event, requires the supervision and services of well- trained and experienced event professionals.

The success of an Event Manager depends upon how well he organizes the event and how effectively he is able to achieve both event and marketing objectives.

The roles that you can take up are in marketing and planning of event, operations and logistics and even handling the PR for the event. It will keep you on your toes, for sure. 

Career as a Content Writer:

A website content writer or web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level ofcontent. Content should contain words (key words) that attract and retain users on a website.

This involves writing content for online sites on a variety of topics. It may also involve creating blogs and maintaining a regular flow of content to different blogposts. Content writers produce the content for many different types of websites, social networks, e-commerce sites, news aggregators and college/company websites.

Author is Prof. Ramola Kumar, 

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