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Meet BlessU-2, the robot priest in Germany that grants peoples’ wishes

In an innovative approach to religion, a robot priest has been installed at a Church in Germany. Developed by the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau, the robot priest BlessU-2 grants automated blessings to people. The robot priest has got mixed reactions from worshippers, with some finding it useful whereas others describing it as frivolous. Featuring a metal body, the robot priest comes with a large touchscreen that can be used by people to input their wishes.

The robot priest asks people what type of blessings they are looking for, and when they enter their blessing on the touchscreen, the robot priest raises its arms and grants the requested blessing. When the robot’s arms are raised, lights flash in both its palms and the robot sports a smile, signifying that the blessing has been granted. The robot priest also recites a biblical verse when granting the blessings to people. People can also get a printout of the dictum once their blessing has been granted by the robot priest.

Speaking about the robot priest, a spokesperson from the church said that it is just an experiment to assess peoples’ reactions and to encourage discussions on future possibilities. People who did not seem too happy with the robot priest said that it did not look convincing and that it lacked the human touch. Some even provided radical ideas that such robots can be used in churches that may be located in conflict zones, anywhere in the world.

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