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Meghalaya BJP faces crisis after two senior leaders quit over cattle slaughter ban

The BJP in Meghalaya is facing a crisis, as two of its senior Garo leaders quit over the recent notification to ban sale of cattle for slaughter at animal markets. The most recent setback is the resignation of key Garo leader Bachu Marak, who comes from North Garo Hills. Marak’s resignation prompted 200 party workers to resign with him, after which they shut the district party office and took down the party’s flag. It may be recalled that on his Facebook page, Marak had posted an invitation to a rice beer and beef party to be organized in the Garo Hills. This was supposed to mark and celebrate three years of Narendra Modi government at the center.

This Facebook post was strongly criticized by other BJP leaders who said that how killing an animal would resonate with the party’s slogan “sabka saath sabka vikas”. Post this comment on Facebook, some senior BJP leaders had said that Marak is welcome to leave the party and if he does not, he could be sacked anyways. BJP has already clarified that it has no intentions to ban beef in Meghalaya, but even then some leaders in Meghalaya have failed to understand BJP’s viewpoint. Now, the BJP in Meghalaya is working on an alternative strategy in view of the state elections in 2018.

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