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Meghalaya passes resolution to counter center’s cattle slaughter notification

First, it was the Kerala assembly that passed a resolution against the center’s recent notification on ban of sale of cattle for slaughter at animal markets. Following on its footsteps, the Meghalaya assembly today also announced a similar resolution. The resolution was presented by the ruling Congress government in Meghalaya and it has been passed in the Meghalaya state assembly. The resolution was passed during a special day-long session that also witnessed the approval for the GST bill. Meghalaya has now become the second state to pass a resolution against the cattle slaughter notification issued by the central government.

The center’s notification on cattle slaughter has been opposed by most parties in Meghalaya including the ruling congress, United Democratic Party, and Hill State People’s Democratic Party. The National People’s Party, which is part of the current NDA government, has also opposed the notification. Due to the notification, BJP has also experienced setbacks in Meghalaya, after 2 district presidents quit the party along with several thousands of their supporters. Moreover, beef parties are being organized on a regular basis to protest against the notification. It may be recalled that beef is a staple diet in Christian dominated Meghalaya.

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