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“Men Suffer Too”: Kshama Sharma, Author advocates need for “Purush Aayog”

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With the rising incidents of women misusing the law against men, it is high time that the law-makers initiated moves to create organizations that work for the benefit of men suffering from such cases. Today, many men have been reported suffering at the mercy of their wives. Most of them were locked up inside jail under false allegations. Recently, Kshama Sharma, an ace author with popular books such as “Rashta Chhodo Darling”, “Baat Abhi Khatam Nahin Hui”, “Ladki Jo Dekhti Palatkar”, and so on advocated in favour of creation of “Male Commission”.

It is to be noted that the current century is all about gender equality and the patriarchal issues are dropping down at a staggering rate. The country has been raising voices in support of women for decades now and it’s high time that men are also facilitated under such commission. This commission shall enable proper monitoring of false cases against men lodged by women. At times, these cases turn so serious that men commit suicide with continuous harassment.

The establishment of men’s commission will ensure that everything goes by the law and proper enquiry is set to ensure that both parties get what they deserve regardless of their gender. On a day-to-day basis, several non-governmental organizations have been working on the removal of false allegations against men while raising voice against this neglected silence. It is a deeply embedded inside the Indian mentality that men do not endure the same level of torment as women, while that may have been true decades ago, things have changed. With a major faction of law supporting women, the balance has shifted towards the female gender making men vulnerable in several situations.

According to Kshama Sharma, many men convicted under female harassment spend decades inside the prison only to be proved not-guilty later. There is no point of such law that cannot speed up the process as the alleged serves prison regardless of his innocence. This destroys his career, family, and life in the long run.

Several cases have also surfaced where women in an effort to extort money from men tend to report them against false allegations. The law automatically perceives the male party as offender while lifting the scales on the women’s behalf. This is not to say that women are always reporting men under false cases or men are always right. The point here is to introduce equality in the eyes of law. Both sides of the case should be heard judged and only under proper proof should one be charged.

Men have equal rights in the country and the law makers should also keep this in mind. Proper evaluation of cases should be opted for rather than going with favours for women. Cases such as dowry demand, rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, etc should always be monitored to ensure the wrong party doesn’t suffer. The establishment of a men’s commission or “Purush Aayog” will ensure that men do not suffer due to false allegations and arrests being made only on the words of a woman. The commission shall ensure equal justice for all regardless of the gender one belongs to.

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