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How many of us have ever heard of meninism? Well, certainly not many of us. Most of us are fully aware of the related term feminism! The difference might only be of three letters ‘fem’ and ‘men’ but the significance of meninism cannot be belittled. For me, meninism is more of an ideology than a concept . It relates empowerment of men, I know most of you must be laughing by now! Yes, even men need empowerment. Over the years the image that has been created of men is away from being impressive. We are now seen as aggressive, super violent, abusive and dominating species. If any thing wrong happens to a women, men are the first one to be accused even when there can be another side to a story. I am not denying that statistics show that most of the cruelty against a woman is by a man, I am just against generalisation. Just because there are men who are abusive, does it mean that all men are abusive? Each one if us have unique and special personality and that should be respected, considering all men to be the same is a disgrace to our uniqueness. Rather men have been conditioned to be naturally violent and aggressive. Adjectives like kind, humble, well- mannered are never used for a man because our society never wants to see us like that ! It’s paradoxical that on one hand our society teaches us to be violent and aggressive and later accuses us for being the same! In that sense , we men have become soft targets.Gone are those days when women were the only victims, men too are now victims of this hypocritical society! The time has come for us to stop labelling kindness, humbleness and benevolence as feminine emotions. Men should not be objectified and subjected to any kind of generalisation. Respecting the individuality of a man is of utmost importance. For me this the essence of meninism. Cheers!

DISCLAIMER: This post does not intend to slander the woman community or feminism in any way.

By: Abhishek Agarwal

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