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Mercedes recalls 10 lakh cars worldwide over fire risk

Daimler AG has issued a recall notice for around 10 lakh cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, citing risk of fire due to a potentially faulty fuse. The recall notice comes in the wake of 51 vehicles catching fire, even though no injuries or deaths have been reported in these incidents. The recall notice is applicable worldwide. In the United States, more than 3 lakh cars will be recalled and refitted. The United States is the third biggest market for Mercedes-Benz. Most of the cases of fire, 30 out of 51, were reported in the United States. In United Kingdom, somewhere around 75,000 cars will be recalled and refitted. The data for other countries will be released soon.

The technical data related to the recall released by Daimler states that the faulty fuse has been used in their Class A, B, C and E cars. It has also been used in their CLA, GLA and GLC vehicles. The main problem is with a defective ‘current limiter’ that can potentially overheat the starter motor in case several attempts are made to start the vehicle. An overheated motor can in turn melt the other parts and lead to a fire.

A company spokesperson said that owners would be informed about the recall soon, but replacements will take time up to June 2017.

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