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Mesotherapy: Is It The New Super Treatment?

What is mesotherapy? Is it the new super treatment for hair loss, aging problems, and many other things? here is the full information about it…

The mesotherapy is a technology start emerging recently and it’s known by many people as a miracle treatment.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a technique that involves injections of medications directly into the scalp skin. It is effective in both females and males having androgenic alopecia. It reduces hair loss, promotes hair growth, and slows male pattern baldness

Why mesotherapy used?

People in the past used to use the mesotherapy treatment for different kind  body pain but now the most use is for :

–   Reducing the look of cellulite and tightening the skin.

-Bring back freshness to the skin.

-Re-sculpt the body and fat fragmentation at a specific place.

– Get rid of wrinkles, getting egged sign, and skin pigmentation.

– It treats alopecia and hair loss.

Mesotherapy for hair loss:

There is no studies show and support mesotherapy treatment for losing hair  but there are lots of expertise and professionals who have performed this type of treatment especially in the  mesotherapy hair in Lahore and laser hair transplant in johar town

And those professionals proof the benefits of mesotherapy for losing hair and we can mention some of them here :

–  It helps treat any hormonal imbalance locally around the hair follicle.

– It helps to provide intense nourishment to the hair

-It helps improve blood circulation in the scalp.

And all of the benefits are effective for having thick and healthy hair.

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