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Methods to clean and care for leather fashion accessories

Methods to clean and care for leather fashion accessories

From purses to wallets and beautiful belts, leather is a part of your daily style statement to be carried around with luxe. Leather goods tend to be pricey and they need to be taken care of properly in order to ensure that they last a lifetime. Right from the time they have been crafted to the moment you purchase them, it is important that it is taken care of.

So here are the ways you can take care of your leather good without destroying the same.


Now, there are two different ways to take care of your leather products. The first being dry cleaning and the second being damp cleaning. In the case of dry cleaning, you need to rub your leather good with the soft cloth made of cotton which suggests the use of polishing cloth. You can easily remove the light marks in this process. Now, the damp cleaning process is used in order to clean away the stubborn marks in the leather goods. Use a mild cleaning spray in order to remove the persistent stains. If the stain has been formed because of incorrect storage, make sure you remove it with the use of medical alcohol.


Make sure you store your leather goods in clean and dampness free area to ensure that the item doesn’t get spoiled with the moisture. Store away the product from any direct sunlight that might cause color and shine of the item to fade away. Store the leather goods in the dust bags which help avoid any kind of scratches. Avoid the use of plastic bags as they prevent proper ventilation which is much needed for proper storage.


Leather is generally loved for the visual nuances it reflects. The varying textures, difference in feel, delicate tone changes, and many more decide how the leather goods look when accessorized with your outfits. Maintenance of the same is pretty necessary to maintain this luxe texture and original shine. If you are planning to keep your leather good for long, make sure you use a soft cream meant for leather nourishment. It helps preserve and hydrate the leather bags making it supple and bright as new. If you happen to see a color patch in the leather good, try not to buff it out yourself. Rather, seek the help of a professional specialist to ensure that it doesn’t get spoilt further.

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