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Metro Man Sreedharan denies being Presidential Candidate

After several media reports pointed out that Metro Man E Sreedharan can be the next President of India, Sreedharan has come out and cleared the speculation by saying that there has not been any such talks. Sreedharan said that no discussions have taken place between him and BJP or any other political party on the topic of India’s President. Sreedharan said that he does not even want to become the President of India. With this clear cut statement, Sreedharan has put to rest all speculations about him being the next President of India.

It may be recalled that the race for the President has been getting more and more interesting in recent times. Firstly, there’s a war going on between the ruling NDA government and the opposition parties, with each group trying to get a Presidential candidate of their liking. Both groups are keeping their cards close to their chest and very little information is available about what’s really going on. All that’s there are speculations and now it appears that even Sreedharan’s case was mere speculation.

As the suspense unfolds, it would really be exciting to see who will finally make it to Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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