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MicroGO launches GOassureTMLITE- India`s first smart HAND HYGIENE STATION ensuring good hand hygiene practices

21st August 2020 : MicroGO, a leading innovation company in the health and hygiene domain, has launched the next generation internet of things (IoT) enabled hygiene solution called GOassureTMLITE – India’s first smart hand hygiene station that is lightweight, IOT enabled and assures good hand hygiene practices. The state-of-the-art solution is designed specially for healthcare and public spaces. The latest addition to the brand’s product portfolio that roots for good hygiene practices similar to GOassureTM MAX, but in a 10X scalable model.

Hand hygiene is the first line of defence in personal space as well as in any industry. Good Hand hygiene practices (defined by performing six steps and for 20 secs) is a non-negotiable aspect of hand hygiene. There is a recent  surge in availability of contactless dispensers in the market. However, there is a big  difference between merely performing and performing in the right manner.  In a pandemic like situation, right practices as per defined criteria are of paramount importance for not just oneself but for the family, co-workers and eventually for the entire country.

A patent pending technology, GOassureTMLITE assures the users adheres to the WHO guidelines for good hand hygiene but also provides IoT enabled real-time monitoring and surveillance. It is available in wall-mountable or tabletop variants keeping in mind the varying needs of individuals and businesses and is also contactless and automatic. MicroGO is highly sensitive towards cost implication of its products on users and pays special focus on commercial viability along with right science. The calculated ROI (return on investment) of GOassureTMLITE is  just 15d for the businesses having 100 employees.

Speaking on the newly launched offering, Dr Rachna Dave, Founder, MicroGO said, “GOassureTMLITE is a value for money product that will not only assure the safe work environment. We set various SOPs for our customer partners as per their requirements and non-compliance to these SOPs can be monitored in real-time by them with GOassureTM. Primarily targeted at the B2B sector, the product will be available from 01st September and can be purchased directly from the MicroGO website ( or via the channel partners. The product is also available on Government e-Market place (GeM) for GOI`s direct purchase. We believe that the GOassureTMLITE is a step in the right direction towards mitigating the nCoV spread via hands and also educating our countrymen the right hand hygiene practices which goes a long way in restricting the spread of most of the communicable diseases”.

MicroGO has received funding support from the DST, BIRAC, IKP and ACT Grants to scale up this technology. The brand plans to manufacture 5000 units initially and aims to sell 3000 units by the 3rd quarter of the financial year.

In the pursuit of contributing towards a COVID-19 free India, MicroGO has introduced a unique COVID-19 free India offers. The COVID-19 free India offer will make GOassureTMLITE (K model) available at a reduced price of INR 9,990 instead of INR 12,000. Additionally, the brand will provide complimentary hand rub GOhandsTM worth INR 1,500. GOhandsTM is a WHO recommended hand rub formulation for optimal hand hygiene.

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