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Niryas : Milk not the Milky Way!

images It is a well known fact: consumption of milk strengthens the bones and helps infants grow strong. But recent studies throw a different light. A review by Pediatrics across the nation showed that regular milk consumption does not improve the bone integrity among the kids in any way. Far from its benefits, modern day milk is making kids prone to stress fracture and other health hazards caused due to insufficient supply of calcium. Does this mean: human body has evolved to a level where milk is no longer acting as it should?

Not at all, the problem lies elsewhere. National Survey on Milk Adulteration by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India revealed that more than 70% Indians are drinking contaminated milk. The random samples collected by the governing body contained things such as bleaching agents, starch to fertilizers apart from heavy quantities of water! A thorough test by Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University found traces of cancer causing dioxin and chemicals in milk. While the nation has not noticed this disturbing trend, every day the milk that is being delivered at the doorsteps is getting worse in quality with inclusion of many pollutants.

The easy scapegoat for such maladies would be the milk suppliers from the rural belts of India. But, one has to also take into account their condition. Often these suppliers have to sell their milk at low rates to the giants of the milk industry. With little profits in their pockets, they have to compromise with the best practices of cattle rearing. Thus the cattle have to be kept in extremely unhygienic conditions, impregnated repeatedly and forced to produce enormous amounts of milk every day. Not only this, most cattle are unlawfully injected with the hormone Oxytocin to draw more milk, which can destroy the cow’s reproductive system and lead to sterility.

All these point to a simple fact: milk is no longer safe to consume, unless you have procured it from a company which gives stress on quality over productivity. If you thought having a glass of 100% pure milk was a dream in the present times, then let us introduce you to Niryas, who pride themselves at providing pure milk (full cream milk, tonned milk & double tonned milk) and nothing except it. How does the company manage to provide high on quality milk in a market filled with fraudsters? They stick to their core value of providing milk only from vaccinated and properly reared cattle. The company aids the cattle farmers with credit facility, cattle insurance and fodder to veterinary services.

Niryas protects farmers from the hoax of middlemen and money-lenders, helping them lead a better life. This in turn helps the farmers to treat their cattle as they should be. Each and every cattle filling Niryas’ milk quota is well fed, and treated on time. The end result is good quality milk. This milk is filled in clean and covered steel can at the village level centres, which is quickly transported by properly insulated vehicles to nearby chilling centres. Then it is sent to well-equipped and state-of-the-art plant for pasteurization. Rigorous quality checking is carried out over the milk, before it goes for packaging and distribution. This assures best milk reaches to the end users.

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