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Millennials embracing technology ‘On the Go’

Millennials were the first ones to welcome technology with open arms. As early adopters of technology, the ‘On the go’ lifestyle of millennials has motivated industries to change their conventional business models. Almost all sectors from Banking to Smart homes have made this change. Below are some companies from various industries that have ensured they have made their process to be a seamless one for their customers.


Indian Household chores are some of the most exhausting, time-consuming, and monotonous activities to get yourself engaged in. No one likes to vacuum and mop floors, so why not get a robot that does the dirty work for you? Roomba the smart robo-vaccum cleaners from iRobot can clean your floors and can be operated from anywhere with the help of internet or can one can simply ask Alexa or Google home to ask Roomba to clean  the floor. With the imprint technology you can clean any desired room in your house like bedroom or living room from anywhere in the world if you are in network through the iRobot App.


Traditionally, lunch at work would mean waiting in the long queues at the office cafeteria, scrambling to hand over the exact change and then looking for a place at the already crowded cafeteria, by which time almost half the break would be complete. HungerBox, an institutional food-tech company is transforming the way you consume food at work by digitizing the office cafeterias. Right from the food ordering to the payment front. This simplifies the process, not to mention it saves time for the employee and allows them to actually take a break from work and enjoy their lunch.


Since the DIY (do it yourself) investing model appeared, financial products like mutual funds have have only become more popular in India. Groww engages people to build and manage their own investment portfolios, without relying upon agents or third-party financial managers. It is one of India’s largest investment platforms that has more than 4 million users, and it has accomplished this number in just three years since it started up in mid-2017. Groww has become a game-changer for a new generation of investors who are actively exploring and investing.


There was a time when travelers reached out to licensed travel agents for their flight bookings. Increased internet penetration gave rise to online travel aggregators like Cleartirp, who along with enabling online ticket booking, resolved a lot of other consumer pain points and made travel a completely on-the-go experience by enabling seamless search and discovery. For example, Cleartrip pioneered the introduction of in-app cancellation of tickets, and then also led the space by introducing the country’s first stored card solution enabling users to book without any hassle. Today, Cleartrip fare alerts keep an eye on the dynamic fares and send information whenever the prices drop or rise. Cleartrip Shortlists automatically tracks individual itineraries and alerts users before the airline is about to increase the fares, giving ample time to make a buying decision. Similarly, Cleartrip’s 2-d filter is designed to enable international travellers to tackle the challenge of arriving at the best balance of price vs. duration. Once the respective travel points are entered, the 2-d filter immediately analyses the available flight options and presents carefully-curated flight buckets based on duration.


The evolution of online platforms for income tax-related work has made life easier for taxpayers, and their numbers have increased every year substantially.  Traditionally, chartered accountants have been the most sought after by taxpayers who were looking for assistance to file their tax returns. But, with increasing penetration of the Internet, lack of time and for convenience, tax filing portals are becoming popular. ClearTax is a leading income tax and GST filing portal. The financial-technology platform provides software and services including Tax filing, TaxCloud, TDS Returns, GST, Mutual Fund Investments and CA & legal services, designed to empower individuals, accountants and MSMEs We aim to ease and simplify their financial woes. Our platform has served over 5 Million Indian Taxpayers to e-File their Tax Returns, about 6 lakh businesses, 60000 CAs and tax professionals and over 1,000 large enterprises have utilized our GST Software for GST-compliant billing and filing returns.

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