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Misdiagnosis Leads To Complications – Choose Labs Wisely

choose lab wisely

Many people in our country at some point of time in their life have received an incorrect diagnosis or seen a doctor who has been baffled by their symptoms. Symptoms can go away with the right medication but misdiagnosis can cost lives. 

If you have been advised to get some tests done and you are already fretting about re-scheduling your daily routine, then the thought of waiting in a long queue upsets you. And what if you went to your chosen diagnostic centre and they don’t have the test that you have been asked for? You will again wait for the precious weekend to search the right diagnostic centre to get it done.

​​looking for the best diagnostics in the desired vicinity has now become easier. Online portals has emerged as one of the leaders in the field of diagnostics, allowing people to check for the best labs with price comparison at affordable costs, eliminating the need to wait in queues. Being online, anyone and everyone can choose from the thousands of labs across the country on a single click.

Look for labs that have the following characteristics which is available under one roof

Highly reliable

As the treatment given by the doctor completely depends on the lab test results, reliability on the results provided by the diagnostics lab is an important factor. With complete details of the diagnostic labs available including its accreditation, the online portal has created a comfort zone for patients requiring diagnosis. Which can solely be attributed to the reach, awareness generated among masses, by filling the gap between the patients and testing labs.

Get tested at desired location

In metro cities most of the people are working that restricts their time for health checkups at desired location. With this online technology available for scheduling the tests in your vicinity as per the time availability of your choice, many people are benefited. Price transparency is one of the keys factors that keep you aware of the best prices and offers available at all diagnostic labs.

Easy access for All

Elderly patients usually find it difficult to make a visit to the diagnostic centre early morning in empty stomach. This eradicates the need to go to the lab for appointments and wait for your turn or report collection, as even the report is mailed to you. Website also provides facilities to keep your complete data stored at one point for easy access and future consultations. 

The following aspects are needed to be kept in mind while choosing the best diagnostic centre – 

  • Experience and skills –this is one of the most important aspect to look for in the labs. With experienced medical practitioners and skillful technical team, the results provided by the lab will be accurate. The pathologist should be well versed with the medical expertise and also with the interpersonal skills. Not only the doctors but also the pathologists and the lab technicians should be sharp skilled and experienced. Customer attention is important part of developing relationship with diagnostic clinic. 
  • Precision in report compilation –It is essential that the test reports should be accurate without any error as the wrong treatment can cost serious consequences. 
  • Well operational lab equipment
  • Timeliness of report –Report should be delivered on time .Delay in delivering report could also result in delayed diagnosis, which could eventually cause severe complications or even death in some cases. 
  • Technology and protocols used –The tests should be done using the latest technologies as this will help them provide high quality and precise diagnostic services. The rates should be reasonable so that every income group can avail the service. There is no space of human error when it comes to diagnostic tests. The diagnostic centre should follow the international protocols in relation to hygiene, sanitation and systematic documentation.

 Health needs to be taken care of at its best and with such an objective the aim is to help the public by assisting them to get the best quality healthcare service and facilities. The portal also helps in decision making on call, chat, and mail support on different parameters. There is lack of awareness among the masses about home collection services with quality services by different centers. For the first time in India, the online health portal, imparts knowledge on what, where, when, how to get the test done, customer reviews, End-end booking solution of test within less than a minute. 


By: Dr. Ruchi Gupta

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