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Book Review: “Mistress of Honour” by Bhaavna Arora

‘History sometimes can be a cruel companion of soldiers

downloadMistress of Honour is much about love between a man and a woman and at the same time about duty for the country. A story in which bullets and hearts dance together and its love story make a difference.

Potnis, a captain in the Indian Army, meets Pansy during Operation Blue star in the Golden Temple. Coincidences and planned meetings with the help of an endearing Shamsher, Potnis’s junior, make sparks of passion end up in marriage. Through many wars and little peace-time, their daughter Rihana herself grows up to be a young woman ready to be swept off her feet by Advik, a school-mate who conquers her heart first and then the skies as an Indian Air Force Pilot. It is their story; of soldiers who ‘commit to the uniform even before wearing it.

It is an undying theme of Home versus World, which fascinated me.’ It is a juxtaposition of love with duty and signifies of how the war enters their love-nest and even their daughter’s, testing times and faiths. A soldier’s first love remains his country and he gives up on his life and love so that others can have theirs. The book has its share of heroes and martyrs, and the women of courage who sign up for it. It deals with the turmoil of women waiting for their loved ones to return from war. It talks about the sanctity of love and courage.

So many emotions have been put up extremely well by Bhaavna Arora in Mistress of Honour. You can feel your emotions wrenching at the steep brutality of wars.

This story needed more space to develop to connect more strongly with the readers at an emotional level. But still it’s a worth reading book which overshadows bitter sides of warfare!

By: Bhawna Kothari

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