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Mobile Accessories Must-Haves for Students

Did it ever occur to you that there was a time you bought mobile accessories just because you wanted them not because you needed them? Times have changed, and I, too, am guilty of this. For today’s article, we are going to talk about the latest must-haves for students who are always on the go.

Before you tap that “add to cart” button on your favorite online store, we narrowed down a list of the latest mobile accessories for the modern-day student like you. Make sure to write this all down or save it in your browser; you might need it in the future if you plan on buying things one by one. Let’s begin!

The New Apple Pencil

In this digital era, a lot of students have upgraded their note-taking skills to the next level and have shifted to the new trend of digital notes. If you’re the kind of student who likes to bring school work everywhere you go, this might be the new essential mobile accessories for you.

Just sync your notes to the Cloud with your favorite note-taking app and your all set. Of course, you’d want to have your very own iPad for this to work correctly, you can’t just use it on any device, and it has to be supported by Apple’s device as well.

You wouldn’t want to buy such a useful yet expensive piece of equipment now, would you? So better make sure you have the right device as well as the authentic brand for it to be of any use to you whatsoever.

Dual USB Port Chargers

If you ever have a multitude of devices at home but only one charger, then go for the next best thing, which is a dual USB port charger. A dual USB port charger is your new best friend for those with multiple gadgets.

You can charge your phone and your tablet both at the same time without the hassle of bringing two cords to school. It’s a small fix but a life changer! Gone are the days that you have to wait for one device to charge fully, and only then can you plug in the next one before its battery runs dry.

Dual USB port chargers are a lifesaver when it comes to having many gadgets and will still distribute the needed watts for your battery to charge evenly. Of course, there are better ones out there than the rest; choose what you want based on your budget.

Power bank

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re just about to finish the last episode of your favorite series on Netflix, but suddenly your phone dies just before you get to ‘that’ part of the episode? Or maybe that time in class when you wanted to record or take notes of the lecture of your favorite professor, but you couldn’t do so because you only had 19% battery life.

Well, a power bank is a fast fix for this problem. May it be a standard power bank or a fast-charging power bank; it will help your gadget survive just a little bit longer on the outside world until you get home to charge your device.

Of course, given the battery capacity, it can store, the number of hours it will take you to charge the power bank fully might be of worry. So if you’re willing to spend more on a power bank who stops charging when it’s full, then so be it.


After reading this article, these mobile accessories might make you want to go full-on digital. Every student I know has adapted to this technological change. Just like what my favorite meme goes, “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

There are several accessories for your smartphone, but always remember to make sure to buy the ones that would help you the most long term. Only buy the ones that you want when you’re sure that you already covered the basics in what you need. Like a power bank, USB cord, extra charging or lightning cable, and so forth.

Always remember that your smartphone needs the same care and attention as your body since most people tend to rely on it not just for work but for social means as well. It’s going to be about just how long your smartphone will last with the mobile accessories you choose to pair it with.

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