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Mobocracy: BJP Councilor tied to tree, roughed up after slum demolition

With massive population growth come great slums and there’s hardly anything that the administration can do to clear them. Of course, people stand to lose their homes if slums are cleared, but it is also true that encroachments cannot be allowed to continue on roads and other areas. In a development that shows the increasing mobocracy in the country, a BJP councilor, Hasmukh Patel, was tied to a tree and beaten up by slum people who accused him of demolishing their slums. The incident happened in Vadodara, Gujarat and it’s a reminder that mob rule is a significant challenge for authorities in the country. The BJP councilor who was beaten up was repeatedly telling that he had no information about the demolition and that it was ordered by the municipality, but even then, the people continued to beat him.

The video of Patel being tied to a tree and beaten up has gone viral. Patel could be seen in the video with his shirt torn and begging the mob for mercy. However, a mob does not understand reason or logic and it has a mind of its own. A mob knows its power and makes full use of it against the victim. The slum people whose dwellings were razed said that the authorities did not give them any notice. However, Vadodara Municipal Commission said that the notice was sent to Patel. But when the mob confronted Patel, he denied receiving any notice.

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